The Computational Beauty of Nature
Computer Explorations of Fractals, Chaos,
Complex Systems, and Adaptation

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Glossary - Introduction

Since the entire glossary from CBofN is quite large (> 150KB), you have the option of browsing it in several different ways. First, for the bold, you can view the entire glossary.

If you are on an a slow network connection, you should probably browse it in sections, which can be done by selecting an initial letter:

[ A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z ]

Finally, if you are looking for a specific entry, you can jump directly to it by clicking on the word below:

A Activation   Activation Function   Adaptive   Adaptation   Affine   Agent   AI   Algorithm   Algorithmic Complexity   Always Cooperate   Always Defect   Analog   Analytical   Analytical Solution   Arms Race   Artificial Intelligence   Artificial Life   Associative Memory   Asynchronous   Attractor   Autonomous Agent   Axiom     B Backpropagation   Basin of Attraction   Bias   Bifurcation   Binary   Bit   Boid   Boolean   Bottom-Up   Brown Noise/Brownian Motion   Bucket Brigade Algorithm   Byte     C Cantor Set   Cellular Automaton (CA)   Chaos/Chaotic   Chomsky Hierarchy   Classifier   Classifier System   Coevolution   Complement   Combinatorial Optimization   Complete   Complex Number   Complex System   Complexity   Compressible   Computable   Computation   Connectivity   Conservative System   Consistence   Continuous   Control   Convergence   Conway's Game of Life   Co-Recursively Enumerable (CO-RE)   Countable Infinity   Crossover     D Darwinism   Delta Rule   Derivative   Decision Problem   Detector   Determinant   Deterministic   Diagonal Matrix   Difference Equation   Differential Equation   Differentiation   Diffusion Limited Aggregation   Discrete   Dissipative System   Diverge   Dot Product   Dynamical System   Dynamics/Dynamical     E Ecology   Ecosystem   Edge of Chaos   Effector   Eigenvalue   Eigenvector   Embedding   Emergent   Entropy   Environment   Equilibrium   Ergodic   Euclidean   Euler's Method   Evolution   Evolutionary Stable Strategy (ESS)   Excitatory   Experimentation   Expert System     F Feedback   Feedback Neural Network   Feedforward Neural Network   Feigenbaum Constant   Finite-State Automaton (FSA)   Fish   Fitness   Fitness Landscape   Fixed Point   Formal System   Fractal   Fractal Dimension   Function   Function Approximation     G Game Theory   Gaussian   Generalized Delta Rule   Genetic Algorithm (GA)   Genetic Programming (GP)   Glider   Glider Gun   Global Minimum (Maximum)   Gödel Number   Gödelization   Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem   Gödel's Statement   Gradient   Graph     H Halting Problem   Halting Set   Hebbian Learning   Hénon Map   Hidden Layer   Hill-Climbing   Holism   Hopfield Network     I IFS   Imaginary Number   Implicit Parallelism   Incomputable   Incomputable Number   Inheritable   Inhibitory   Inner Product   Integral   Integration   Invertible   Irrational Number   Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma   Iterate/Iterative     J Julia Set     K Koch Curve     L Lamarckism   Lambda Calculus   Learning   LIFE   Limit Cycle   Linear   Linearly (In)separable   Lisp   Local Minimum (Maximum)   Logistic Map   Lorenz System   Lotka-Volterra System   L-System     M Mackey-Glass System   Mandelbrot Set   Map   Matrix   Mean   Meme   Message   Message List   Mixed Strategy   Model   Model of Computation   Monotonic   MRCM   Multilayer Perceptron (MLP)   Mutation     N Nash Equilibrium   Natural Number   Natural Selection   Neo-Darwinism   Net Input   Neural Network (NN)   Neuron   Newton's Method   Niche   No Free Lunch (NFL)   Nonlinear   Not Recursively Enumerable (not-RE)   NP   NP-Complete   Numerical Solution     O Occam's Razor   One-to-One   Optimization   Outer Product     P Parallel/Parallelism   Pattern Classification   Payoff   Peano Curve   Perceptron   Periodic   Perturbation   Phase Space   Phase Transition   Planning   Polynomial   Post Production System   Predator-Prey System   Prime Number   Prisoner's Dilemma   Probability   Program   Proof     Q Quasiperiodic     R Random/Randomness   Random Walk   Rational Number   Real Number   Recurrent Neural Network   Recursive   Recursively Enumerable (RE)   Reductionism   Regular Expression     S Saddle   Scalar   Schema/Schemata   Search/Search Method   Search Space   Selection   Self-Organization   Self-Organized Criticality (SOC)   Self-Referential   Self-Similar   Sensitivity   Set   Shadowing Lemma   Sigmoidal   Simulate/Simulation   Simulated Annealing   Space Complexity   Space-Filling   Special Function   Stable   Standard Deviation   Statement   State Space   Steepest Descent (Ascent)   Stochastic   Strange Attractor   Strategy   Strength   String   Stutter   Symmetric Matrix   Synapse   Synchronous   System     T Theorem   Theorization   Three Body Problem   Threshold   Time Complexity   Time-Reversible   Time Series   Tit-for-Tat   Top-Down   Transpose   Turing Machine   Turtle Graphics     U Uncountable Infinity   Universal Approximation   Universal Computation   Universal Computer   Unstable     V Value Function   Vant   Variation   Vector     W Weight   White Noise     X XOR     Z Zero-Sum Game  

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