The Computational Beauty of Nature
Computer Explorations of Fractals, Chaos,
Complex Systems, and Adaptation

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Download Source Code

Newsflash (17 Apr 00): If you have had any trouble running the Mac or Windows ports of the code, read the FAQ list.

Newsflash (18 Dec 98): the Mac port is here! Special thanks to Mike Miller, hacker extraordinare and the author of the CBofN Java applets, for making this possible.

Newsflash (26 Oct 98): the Windows port is here! Also, the X Windows and Windows graphic drivers now have a nice color map. See the ``miscellany / errata'' section for how the new graphic capabilities have changed the command-line options.

The source code is currently available many flavors:

  • cbn-noarch-src.tgz - only the source code. You will need either (1) GNU make and gcc, or (2) Microsoft Visual C++, in order to build the source. Moreover, perl and sed are required to build the manual and HTML pages. Get this only if you are hacker that wants to get down and dirty with everything (216 KB).

  • cbn-noarch-src+docs.tgz - same as above but has the manual and HTML pages prebuilt. Get this only if you are hacker but you don't want to build the docs (259 KB).

  • - same as above but as a zip archive. Get this only if you are Windows hacker (462 KB).

  • cbn-linux-bin.tgz - contains everything prebuilt for an i386 linux box with glibc and glibm (498 KB).

  • cbn-sunos-bin.tgz - this contains everything prebuilt for Sun machines running SunOS. (1,177 KB).

  • - this contains everything prebuilt for Windows 95/98/NT (1,807 KB).

  • cbn-mac-bin.sit.hqx - this contains only the Mac executables. You may also want to get for documentation and source, as well as cbn-mac-proj.sit.hqx for an example project file under CodeWarrior. (1,557 KB).

NB: the links above use HTTP protocol (not FTP), just in case this web server doesn't support FTP. This means that you will need to SHIFT-click the links to save them to a file.

While the code is known to work under Solaris, I currently don't have access to a Solaris machine, so a binary distribution for it will have to wait.

Copyright © Gary William Flake, 1998-2002. All Rights Reserved. Last modified: 30 Nov 2002