The Computational Beauty of Nature
Computer Explorations of Fractals, Chaos,
Complex Systems, and Adaptation

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DIFFUSE Documentation



       diffuse - simulate diffusion limited aggregation


       diffuse -help
              [-width  integer]  [-height integer] [-levels inte-
              ger]  [-num  integer]  [-steps  integer]   [-invis]
              [-seed   integer]   [-inv]  [-mag  integer]  [-term


       A special type of stochastic fractal  is  created  by  the
       random  action of many particles.   The fractal starts out
       as a single point seed that is fixed in position.   Parti-
       cles  float  about via a random walk.  Whenever a floating
       particle moves adjacent to  fixed  particle  the  floating
       particles  become frozen in place.  In this way, the frac-
       tal gradually grows in size.


       -width integer
              Width of the plot in pixels.

       -height integer
              Height of the plot in pixels.

       -levels integer
              Number of plot (gray) levels to use.

       -num integer
              Number of floating particles.

       -steps integer
              Number of simulated steps.

       -invis Invisible particles?

       -seed integer
              Random seed for initial state.

       -inv   Invert colors?

       -mag integer
              Magnification factor.

       -term string
              How to plot points.


       Using invisible particle will make the simulation run much
       faster  under  interactive graphic terminals, especially X


       No sanity checks are performed to make sure  that  any  of
       the options make sense.


       Copyright (c) 1997, Gary William Flake.

       Permission  granted  for any use according to the standard
       GNU ``copyleft'' agreement provided that the author's com-
       ments  are  neither  modified nor removed.  No warranty is
       given or implied.

Copyright © Gary William Flake, 1998-2002. All Rights Reserved. Last modified: 30 Nov 2002