Errata for Structure and Interpretion of Computer Programs · 2nd edition

Positive line numbers count from the top of the page or exercise, negative line numbers count from the bottom.

Page 45, line -13:   Exponent should be n/2, not b/2

Page 112, line 2 of exercise 2.30:   Square-LIST should be square-TREE. ("That is, square-tree should behave as follows:")

Page 118, lines 1-2:   Should say "...the product OF THE SQUARES of the odd integers..."

Page 176, before procedures rectangular? and polar?:   Should say "rectangular and polar numbers, respectively"

Page 181, line -5:   Should not refer to exercise 3.24, just to section 3.3.3.

Page 185, exercise 2.73a:   Should ask about VARIABLE?, not SAME-VARIABLE?

Pages 246 and 247, figures 3.7 and 3.8:   There is an extra ')' at the end of the code.

Page 287, figure 3.28:   Rightmost box should have +, not *

Page 324, exercise 3.50:   Should refer to section 2.2.1, not 2.2.3.

Page 341, line 3 of exercise 3.66:   Should say "For example, APPROXIMATELY how many pairs..."

Page 375, line 1 of exercise 4.7:   Last LET should be LET* ("...bindings of the let* variables...")

Last updated 08/09/99